Kick Ass Creative Resources


Kick Ass Creative Resources

Hello fellow entrepreneurs and marketers! Are we sitting comfortably? Here are some fabulous finds:


Online Articles & Websites


21 Ways To Get Inspired! - Entrepreneur


How To Think Creatively - Go To Meeting Blog. They have compiled some essential tips and suggestions from other sites.


7 Ways to Enliven Your Next Brainstorming Session - Forbes. Great stuff!


The Inspiration Room - A fab place to look for ideas.


The RSA 21st Century Enlightenment. Enriching society and shaping the future through ideas and action. (Fucking amazing.)




Business Model Generation– Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigneur. Where do I start? This is a MUST have book for all visionaries and game changers. It’s genius and way ahead of our time.


The You Factor– A Handbook for Powerful Living. Leslie Strong. Leslie was my executive coach for a while and she blew my mind. You’ll love her.


True Professionalism– David Maister. This was written in the 90s and just kills it when it comes to management and caring about your people, clients and your career.


The Idea Book– Fredrik Haren. Need some inspiration? This book really gets you thinking…



Incredible Resources


The 5 Best Books on Innovation Ever – Forget the stupid ‘thinking outside the box’. Waaaay better.


Find a Space - Coworking in Toronto – Entrepreneur with a desire to share a space? PERFECT.


Toronto Public Library - Small Business Resources – Who knew? Not one to toot their own horn, if you’re looking for advise, resources and open learning, this is the place for you!


Centre for Social Innovation – I’m sure most of you have heard of this amazing community. A social enterprise with a mission to catalyze social innovation in Toronto and around the world.


B Corporation – This is a community for businesses who are using business for the power of GOOD. Do you have what it takes? Check it out and you could become a B Corp!