Hi! And welcome to Mighty Good Marketing, a coaching business where I strive to inject energy and creativity with pointed purpose into your marketing and your career.
Over the years I have worked with marketing teams who were hammered with problems and frustrated with lack of direction, time and resources. Time and time again, either the same (tired) old marketing plans were presented, or there wasn’t enough time to create them. (Shock, horror!) The result? No results. The team would go back to the drawing board and try and come up with a new, more innovative and creative plan. Lack of energy, time and resources stagnated the process and the same thing would happen again.
Feeling frustrated?
It is my mission to help fellow entrepreneurs and marketing professionals out of this proverbial circle of hell. How can you generate and inject creativity into your planning when you’re stressed and have no time? I’m going to share with you, right now, the top three reasons HOW we’re instigating this:


Not solving the right problem is frustrating and exhausting. Are you overwhelmed with urgent problems and expected to come up with immediate solutions? Most organizations and entrepreneurs regard immediate problem solving as highly efficient; but looking at the big picture, jumping to conclusions can cripple the business, your strategy and morale.


Understanding where creativity comes from and how to generate it is CRUCIAL to your business. Lack of creativity impacts your bottom line. It hinders opportunity development for key challenges (such as revenue streams, customer satisfaction, quality of service/product, branding, marketing tactics, company culture and job satisfaction) and chokes innovation.


What is your motivation to get out of bed every day – or to succeed at work? What motivates your company, customers and employees or team? Not being clear on key motivators causes wheels to spin, resentment, burnout, frustration and missed opportunities.

Bottom Line
When we don’t know how to overcome these obstacles, the following can happen:
• Regurgitation of old marketing campaigns and planning
• A stale and outdated brand (lack of brand awareness)
• Poor customer satisfaction
• Failure to meet revenue targets
• High employee turnover
• Low morale and/or job burnout

How Can I Help?
I specialize in helping professionals and entrepreneurs overcome burnout and frustration through powerful, experiential workshops and coaching programs. They challenge conventional techniques and will make a big difference to your happiness and your bottom line.

Using my background in marketing, executive coaching and counselling, I can help you discover and solve the right problems, inject creativity into your planning, and uncover your key motivators. You’ll be fully equipped with an actionable plan and my undivided support with no-holds-barred constructive feedback.

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Kerry Lawrence is the founder of Mighty Good Marketing and is a certified coaching professional accredited by the Certified Coaches Federation. Kerry has over 10 years of marketing experience working with small businesses, creative firms, arts organizations and not-for-profits. She has led teams to success through innovative and strategic thinking, can-do attitude, high energy and peer-to-peer coaching. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in art & design, and she studied concert piano in Cardiff, Wales.


My Skills

  • Creative Idea Generation 100%
  • Coaching 90%
  • Strategy 85%
  • Counselling 80%
  • Marketing 95%