About Us

Mighty Marketing Packages are available to fit most marketing budgets! We have two tiers available for the different phases of growth for your project or business. The Atomic SEO Package is great for initial phases of your marketing campaign if you’re just starting out in Internet Marketing. Our Atomic SEO Pro package comes with a dedicated team, and allows aggressive multi-faceted marketing tactics and growth as quickly as possible. Contact us for more detail on these plans.

Our Team


Founder & Marketing Director

With over 20 years of running businesses, Shane provides direction and focus for the entire team. Shane has a quick and creative mind and a wealth of experience to direct us in making the right decisions for the clients that trust us with their marketing.


SEO Wizard

Natalie is our resident brainiac. With a background in computer engineering, she now applies her analytical mind to the technical side of marketing, including devising strategy, analyzing data, theorizing google algorithm impacts, writing custom plugins and devising solutions to challenging problems.


Creative Director

A bit of a rebel, Nick brings a sense of fun to work every day. He outputs his creative forces into graphic design, website layout and entertaining monologues for the whole team to enjoy.


Website Development

Ridge is the most energetic of the group. It’s a bit of an effort to capture his attention, but once you do, his energy and determination drive him to learn quickly and accomplish much.


Marketing Specialist

Eddy great attitude and marketing talent makes him someone that everyone enjoys working with. He is able to help out with a broad range of tasks from strategy to graphic design and writing content.



Susanna is our mom of the group. She watches out for all of us, and makes sure we are managing everything well, at work and in life.


Social Media Specialist

You can’t help but enjoy working around Christy. Her warm presence in real life somehow translates to a knack for knowing how to connect with people online too.
Clipart of a man


Client Strategy & Research

Richard quietly digs in deep to find the competitive insights that will have the biggest impact for our clients. He doesn’t speak much, but he provides valuable information to the entire team.