How Does SEO Increase Leads and Customers?

At its core, SEO is about what users experience. A captivating website attracts the types of users that are looking for what is being offered.

How Does SEO Increase Leads and Customers?

Above all else, a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy aims to increase your site’s ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). That’s not a secret. What many business owners don’t think about, however, are the far-reaching effects that a solid SEO strategy can have on lead generation. When properly executed, your SEO plan can bring in new customers and yield greater profits for your business. This is essentially done in two ways: through optimizing your site specifically for lead generation and optimizing your site for search engine rankings.

Not sure where to begin with either of these SEO strategies? This is where having help from an experienced and knowledgeable marketing team can make all the difference. At Mighty Good Marketing, our team has decades of combined experience helping businesses like yours expand their customer base and build their reputations.
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Optimizing Your Site For Lead Generation

One important aspect of using SEO to generate leads involves focusing on your website’s design. By ensuring that your site is user-friendly and easy to navigate from an SEO perspective, you can help your visitors get the information they need to move onto the next stage of the funnel. Meanwhile, a website designed with SEO in mind will also make it easy for visitors to reach out to you, sign up for your email newsletter, follow you on social media, and more.

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Start With Your Home Page

When a visitor comes across your home page, this is often their first impression of your company—so setting your best foot forward is a must. Ideally, your site visitors should be able to get all the basic information about your business that they need from your site’s home page or landing page.

There are a few key components to an SEO-friendly home page that will generate leads, including:

desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Ensure a Responsive Site

More than ever, your potential customers are using mobile devices to browse the web and even make online purchases. This is why it’s so important to make sure your website is optimized to be accessed on any device, ranging from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones. If a potential customer accesses your website on a smartphone and isn’t easily able to navigate and get around your site because it’s not optimized, you’re likely to lose his or her business. A marketing professional can ensure that your site is optimized for use on any device, opening up the doors for easier lead generation.

Consider a Lead Magnet

Another component to consider when designing your site with SEO and lead generation in mind is incorporating some kind of lead magnet. Specifically, a lead magnet refers to something you offer your target audience for free in exchange for their contact information (such as an email address). Some common examples of lead magnets that a marketing team can help you implement can include:

Simply put, a great lead magnet encourages potential customers to voluntarily share their contact information with you in exchange for something that doesn’t cost you a lot of time or money to offer. From there, the lines of communication with your lead are open, and you will have a greater chance to convert them into a paying customer. If you decide to go this route, your marketing professional will ensure that the lead magnet is prominently placed on your business home page to drive results.

Utilize Internal Linking

Content and internal linking can also be used to drive leads, especially when strategic links are placed throughout your content to guide readers through the sales funnel. The right content and links will not only boost your search engine rankings (making it easier for leads to find your site in the first place), but will also be legitimately useful and valuable to your readers.

The reason internal linking is so useful is that it provides an infinite number of paths for visitors to explore your website. Even more importantly, the link to more information about a subject is provided at the exact location where it is needed. Specifically, it is provided where the subject is mentioned. If the subject interests the visitor, they can click on the link and find out more. If not, they can continue exploring the current page.

Optimizing Your Site For Search Engine Rankings

In addition to designing your site with your potential leads in mind, SEO is also about optimizing your site for the ever-changing search engine algorithms. With the right SEO strategy, you can boost your rankings and make it easier for leads to stumble across your site in the first place. There are many possible ways in which our marketing team can help you.

Improve Your Site Speed

Major search engines like Google consider site speed a top metric when it comes to overall user experience. It makes sense, then, that slow-loading sites will suffer when it comes to their search engine rankings. With this in mind, your marketing team may want to perform a speed audit on your site and make small changes to improve load times. Some changes to boost site speed may include:

When your site loads faster, your visitors are likely to spend more time there and are also more likely to become paying customers as they work their way through the sales funnel.

Publish Quality

Posting quality, useful, and unique content for your target audience on a regular basis is another way to boost your search engine ranking and bring in potential leads. In fact, content marketing is one of the most important aspects of SEO and can provide one of the biggest returns on investment. The strategic use of keywords in your content marketing (whether it be in a blog or a social media post) can take your search engine rankings to new heights. And of course, your content can include natural calls-to-action and even lead magnets to instantly generate new leads.

Tag Your
Site Images

One last thing your marketing team will likely want to do in order to boost your search engine rankings is to check your site’s images to make sure they’re tagged. Specifically, alt tags for images help search engine bots and crawlers “read” your images. This, in turn, increases the chances that they’ll show up in a Google Image search for a potential customer looking for a relevant product or service.


Why SEO is Worth the Investment

These are just some examples of the many ways in which SEO can increase leads and build your company’s customer base. One of the best things about using SEO is that it is extremely cost-effective, and has the potential to yield a high return on investment. Unlike with other marketing solutions, your SEO efforts don’t simply “go away” like they would if you stopped running a paid ad. The efforts you put in to build your SEO will be with your business for many years to come, allowing you to reap the benefits indefinitely. In this sense, SEO can work not just to bring more traffic to your site, but to generate more revenue as well.

One of the most common questions business owners have about using SEO is, “how will I know my SEO efforts are paying off?” After all, most SEO benefits are seen long-term and can be difficult to measure if you don’t have a lot of experience with them. Again, this is where having the right marketing team on your side will make all the difference. A marketing professional will be able to use analytics to track progress and provide you with detailed reports so you can see first-hand how your investment is paying off. And of course, your marketing professionals will know how to crunch the numbers help search engine bots and crawlers “read” and determine your exact ROI for your SEO campaign. These calculations are typically based on factors like:

From there, you can enjoy the confidence and peace of mind in knowing exactly how your company’s marketing budget is working to your advantage.

The Bottom Line on SEO for Lead Generation

As you can see, SEO can be an effective way to bring in new leads and build your customer base—but knowing which strategies will work best for your business may require insights from a seasoned marketing team. At Mighty Good Marketing, we specialize in SEO for lead generation, offering two tiers of SEO packages to suit your needs. Our Atomic SEO Package is an excellent choice for the initial phases of your company’s marketing campaign, whereas our Atomic SEO Pro Package offers even more services and amenities to help grow your business as quickly as possible.

Reach out to our team today to find out more about how we can help grow your leads with the right SEO strategies. We look forward to serving you!

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