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How Does SEO Increase Leads and Customers?

At its core, SEO is about what users experience. Are they captivated by the graphics and content on the website? Is it easy to find the information they’re looking for? When the answers to those questions are ‘Yes!’, you’ve got a website that attracts new visitors. And, more than that, it attracts the type of visitors that are looking for what is being offered. In other words, more leads and customers!

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How Hiring a Marketing Agency Could Save You Time (And Money)

You have achieved success for your business through hard work, ingenuity and grit. Every time you hired someone, you thought you’d offload some work, but somehow the workload kept growing. Is there any end in sight? Surprisingly, hiring a marketing agency could help streamline your business. Find that hard to believe? Find out how.

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Mighty Good Marketing is digital marketing for small business. We bring a personal touch to digital marketing by learning about the specific needs of each client to provide a marketing program that fits each client’s unique business.

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